Fire Investigation Society of Korea

화재의 환경적 물리적, 화학적, 구조적 배경에 관한 과학적 감식과 조사체계의 구체화 및 인적, 물적 손실의
예방과 안전화의 학문과 기술발전을 도모하고, 산,학,연 정의 상호교류를 통한 화재조사 및 감식의 전문화와
함께 소방관련 정책방향 발전에 공헌하며, 소방 분야 종사자들 간의 정보교환의 장과 사기양양 및 친목도모를
그 목적으로 한다.


pISSN: 2092-531X

한국화재감식학회 학회지 (2020)

DOI : 10.31345/fisk.2020.11.4.3

위험물 안전관리·관계자 전계층의 역량 및 환경에 관한 Data Analytics 분석


(명지대학교 재난안전학과)


(명지대학교 재난안전학과)


(명지대학교 화학공학과·재난안전학과)

Increased use of hazardous materials increases overall number of safety accidents such as leaks, fires, and explosions. Also, it causes environmental damage such as water pollution and air pollution, exacerbating extensive and diverse damage. In this study, a wide range of surveys were conducted on the entire groups related to safety management of hazardous materials, including safety managers and carriers responsible for safety management at hazardous materials industrial sites, and safety management agents and tank performance test workers who are specialized of hazardous materials, and civil service personnel and inspectors at fire stations. Because the sample size was large for each group, a multi-faceted survey was analyzed using data analytics such as correlation analysis and regression. The results show the findings in the aspect of safety capabilities and institutional environment to be improved for the enhanced safety management of hazardous materials.

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